On March 2, an asteroid with a diameter of 70 meters may fall to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — If you go to the specialized NASA website and filter the list of approaching bodies from 1LD to 5LD, then we will see that on March 2, 2016 DV1 will fly up to our planet.

The oddity lies in the unusual distance – 3.85-0.42 LD, although usually NASA experts indicate the exact value without any hyphens. In our case, the difference in indicators is so large that the minimum distance can be zero.

On March 2 an asteroid with a diameter of 70 meters may fall to Earth 2

The orbit of the body on the site is aligned with the orbit of the Earth, although this has not been previously observed. Is the system talking about a direct threat? 0.42 LD is clearly less than one, but the system shows nothing with the appropriate filter. Most likely, NASA knows about some kind of danger, but decided to hide the truth.

However, they forgot to “clean” all sections and filters.

The 2016 DV1 body was discovered on February 28, 2006, and takes 913 days to complete a revolution around the Sun. For a fairly long period of time, astronomers have not been able to accurately figure out the dimensions. It is estimated that they range from 29 to 65 meters.

One can only hope that the problem is far-fetched and nothing will collapse in the near future.


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