Omicron infects people through the eyes

(ORDO NEWS) — The Omicron strain can enter the human body through the eyes, since one of the key symptoms of infection is the development of conjunctivitis. The corresponding statement was made by the founder of the scientific center for molecular genetic research DNKOM Andrey Isaev.

According to him, there are patients who were ill with delta in October, and already in January they became infected with omicron.

At the same time, for “omicron” the onset of infection with conjunctivitis is quite typical. After that, headaches and a runny nose join him.

Isaev stressed that in this case, the eyes most often become the entrance gate for infection.

The scientist added that while there is no detailed information about the differences between the symptoms of “delta” from “omicron”.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, due to its configuration, demonstrated better protection against Omicron compared to Western counterparts. The corresponding statement was made by Ancha Baranova, Professor of the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University.

Western vaccines can only protect against coronavirus in a certain case – when the S-protein is in a “pre-fusion” state.


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