Omicron: can it be considered a mild version of COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Immediately after Omicron appeared, it became clear that if we compare it with Delta, then it is more easily tolerated. The disease proceeds quickly enough and at the same time there is no damage to the lungs.

American experts are thinking about whether the Omicron strain is actually a mild version of the coronavirus.

Those who adhere to this version, in this case, forget about one important nuance. In turn, doctors emphasized the fact that the risk of hospitalization after infection with Omicron is about 80% lower than in the case of the spread of Delta.

At the same time, since December, the number of cases of infection around the world began to increase rapidly. In this case, both vaccinated and recovered people become infected.

Particular attention when considering such an issue as the severity of Omicron should be paid to the present level of immunity that the population possesses.

William Hanage noted that Omicron is much easier to tolerate than other options due to the fact that a fairly strong herd immunity has already formed today. In this case, the virus does not have more “soft” properties.

For example, South Africa has experienced three fairly strong waves of coronavirus and is now reporting a very small number of daily new infections. Experts suggest that this was achieved due to the formation of herd immunity, which appeared during the spread of the Delta, as well as the vaccination program.

To date, a huge number of people are infected with Omicron. At the same time, they are immune to the coronavirus for several different reasons.

Most of the population has a fairly strong immunity due to the fact that they have already been ill with a coronavirus or have been vaccinated. In addition, Omicron quite easily bypasses the protection provided by antibodies, more often infects vaccinated or those who have been ill.


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