Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, the figure of a sumo wrestler that scared horses was removed

(ORDO NEWS) — The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics were forced to remove the very realistic figure of the sumo wrestler who is about to attack.

This sculpture was installed in one of the corners of the arena for further use in the competition. Equestrian competitors began to complain that the horses were intimidated by the figure. The sculpture was removed on 6 August.

Reported by Associated Press News.

The sumo wrestler who was hunched over and about to attack looked like a real one. When the riders approached the corner of the arena and were about to make a jump, the horses immediately noticed this figure, which seemed to be carrying them a threat and they began to get very frightened.

The riders were forced to stop next to the sculpture in order for the animals to calm down and begin to behave more calmly.

Harry Charles said that he watched the horses and indeed many, when they approached the sumo wrestler, began to behave extremely frightened. After the sumo was removed, a samurai and a huge sushi were installed next to the arena.

A lot depends on how calm the horse is. Many athletes from different countries can tell about this, who lost their awards due to the fact that their animals were afraid of something or were in a bad mood.


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