Oldest Mention of Christ Found in Israel’s Megiddo Prison

(ORDO NEWS) — In Israel, archaeologists have raised the issue of moving part of the territory of the Megiddo prison in order to give researchers and the public access to a unique object.

Earlier, during archaeological research, an ancient mosaic was found there with the earliest mention of Jesus Christ.

According to the Times of Israel, the mosaic was first noticed by archaeologists during survey work in 2004-2008. But only now the researchers managed to unearth this object completely and evaluate it.

The work is complicated by the fact that the mosaic is located on the territory of Megiddo prison. Archaeologists surveyed the site in connection with plans to expand this institution.

However, scientists have now raised the question of changing prison boundaries. In their opinion, the mosaic should be removed from the prison and turned into an object accessible to tourists.

The fact is that the mosaic contains inscriptions, the decoding of which led to sensational results. Three texts in Greek at once mention the name of Jesus Christ, who is called God.

The mosaic dates from the third century AD. This means that it contains the earliest mention of Jesus Christ as God ever found in Israel.

At the moment, restorers from the Israel Antiquities Authority are working with the mosaic. Scholars believe that the mosaic may have been part of a religious building from the third or fourth century AD. It may have been one of the earliest Christian churches.


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