Oldest man in the world celebrates his 119th birthday

(ORDO NEWS) — Back in 2019, Kane Tanaka became the owner of a special certificate from the Guinness Book of Records. It was presented to a resident of Japan as confirmation that she is the oldest person in the world. Unlike many other cases, experts have officially confirmed her age. This year, the centenarian has already celebrated her 119th birthday and hopes very much that she will be able to live until next year and celebrate her one more holiday.

The woman who set a new record is currently living in one of the nursing homes, which is located in the city of Fukuoka. Due to her venerable age, she can no longer talk, so she uses gestures to communicate with staff. At the same time, Kane Tanaka is very fond of sweets, especially a variety of chocolates and carbonated drinks. The long-liver devotes a lot of time to solving rather complex number puzzles.

It is worth noting that literally a year after Tanaka was born, the Russo-Japanese war began. While still very young, she was also able to survive the last year of the Japanese Meiji era, which up to this day is considered a very active period when modernization could be seen in everything.

When Tanaka was 19 years old, and this was in 1922, she became the wife of her cousin. The young family decided to open a grocery store that would sell noodles as well as rice cakes. Her husband and her eldest son took part in the Sino-Japanese War. The hostilities began in 1937.

When the long-liver was already 90 years old, she underwent surgery, during which the woman had a cataract removed. In addition, at 103, she was diagnosed with a very disappointing diagnosis – rectal cancer. The operation was successful and the specialists were able to remove the tumor in time.

To date, the record holder already has five grandchildren and even eight great-grandchildren, whom she loves very much. The grandchildren really hope that the grandmother will be able to live long enough and will rejoice every new day.

Kane Tanaka is far from the only long-liver on our planet. Literally a month ago, a Chinese woman Alimkhan Seiichi, who was 135 years old at the time of her death, died. She is considered the oldest resident of China, but it has not been possible to confirm the woman’s age internationally.

Seker Arslan from Turkey is also considered older than the Japanese woman, but her age has also not been officially confirmed. If this happens, then she will become a new record holder, because Seker celebrated her 119th birthday last summer.

Earlier we wrote that a 105-year-old American woman revealed her secret of longevity. A resident of the United States named Anne McClain celebrated her 105th birthday at a retirement home in New Jersey, Newton. The woman added that the most important secret that allowed her to live to such a venerable age is the most active and fulfilling lifestyle.

And also recall that the 107-year-old long-liver revealed the secret of her longevity. Bid Grock, who lives in Australia, recently celebrated her 107th birthday. She shared with everyone her secret of youth, which shocked many. The woman is sure that her favorite drink, Emu Export beer, helped her to live to such a venerable age.


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