Officers of the British fleet were attacked by a 20-meter “Kraken”

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the crew of HMS Daedalus, while patrolling the ocean off the Cape of Good Hope, they encountered a 20-meter sea monster. This is reported by the Daily Star.

Sailors sailing at the Cape of Good Hope on August 6, 1848, claim to have seen a mythical sea monster (the Kraken), which they say was the size of a small island.

The huge monster squid is one of the scariest creatures on Earth. As the sailors claimed, he was able to sink ships, but this never happened.

Today we can be quite sure that we have already studied the monsters lurking in the sea, but in 1848 this could not be said with certainty.

While sailing the offshore section around West Africa on August 6, 1848, the crew of HMS Daedalus saw a huge dark brown creature break to the surface.

According to the ship’s crew, it had stripes of yellow and white on its slippery back. In their opinion, he moved at a speed of about 24 kilometers per hour and was truly huge.

Captain Makuhe calculated that the squid’s head was only a meter above the water, and its rest of the body was hidden under the waves at a depth of 20 meters.

Luckily for the crew of HMS Daedalus, the giant monster didn’t attack the ship and went back out to sea.

Unfortunately, at that time there were no cameras or smartphones, so we will have to take the word of the British officers.


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