Oddities and phobias of Nikola Tesla

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(ORDO NEWS) — Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943) – one of the greatest inventors in the field of electrical and radio engineering, “the genius who lit up the world“, scientist, engineer and physicist.

Once Aristotle very aptly said: “There has never been a single great mind without an admixture of madness.”

This statement is extremely accurate; it qualitatively characterizes the geniuses of the past and present, and Nikola Tesla was precisely a genius who was no exception to the rule.

Before you are the oddities and phobias of Nikola Tesla, which many have not heard of:
  • He hated women’s earrings, especially those with pearls;
  • The smell of camphor (medicine) caused him discomfort: his head was very dizzy, everything swam before his eyes, he felt sick and the sounds of the environment were distorted;
  • He counted his steps as he walked;
  • He meticulously calculated the volume of water and the amount of food consumed during the day;
  • Tesla was wary of numbers that were not divisible by three. Therefore, for example, he consciously lived in room 3327 in the New Yorker Hotel, which was on the 33rd floor;
  • He had selective chaetophobia – an obsessive fear of hair, but only of strangers;
  • He felt guilty for the death of his elder brother Dane (fell off his horse), although he had nothing to do with it. Because of this, Tesla often engaged in self-flagellation;
  • From an early age, while his peers were fooling around, he trained his brain for days on end, which allowed him to achieve a phenomenal visual memory – zidetism;
  • At the age of three, he was introduced to electricity when he playfully grabbed his cat by the tail (static electricity). Tesla remembered this event and voiced it in his chic quote: “Is nature one big cat? If so, who is pulling her by the tail? It can only be God”;
  • He had a theatrical approach to dinner: at 8:10 pm, he would arrive at a restaurant in evening dress and sit down at a table that already had 12 napkins for wiping hands and dishes. The waiter first served a glass of warm milk, and then the rest of the dishes. At 21:00 Tesla left the establishment. It is worth noting that Nikola Tesla went to the same restaurant, booking the same table.


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