Oceans level may rise by 38 centimeters (by the end of the century)

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(ORDO NEWS) — Climate change associated with increased greenhouse gas emissions cannot be avoided. It follows from this that an increase in the level of the World Ocean cannot be avoided. According to scientists, water can rise by more than 30 centimeters, reports The Cryosphere magazine.

The retention of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide (N2) in the upper atmosphere leads to the creation of some greenhouse effect. As a result, the age-old ice of Antarctica and Greenland is warming up. Large glaciers store so much water that in case of melting, the World Ocean will rise by 65 meters. Scientists have created some models of glacier loss that take into account ocean salinity and temperature data to predict future events.

There are two scenarios for the development of events. The first provides for the preservation of the present amount of emissions entering the atmosphere. The second provides for a reduction in emissions, moreover, a significant one, by 2100. If the amount of emissions does not change in any way, the ice in the Arctic will lead to a rise in sea level by 38 centimeters.

West Antarctica will inevitably succumb to climatic influences. The release of water will raise the oceans by 18 centimeters. Greenland Ice Shields will give an increase of about 9 centimeters.

Scientists agree that by 2100, the level of the oceans will increase by 3 centimeters. It is difficult to say when the increase will be more than 30 centimeters. The climate situation can change dramatically, and changes will come much earlier than expected.


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