Nutritionists told what foods can reduce cravings for sweets

(ORDO NEWS) — Nutritionists talked about the fact that there are a lot of products with which you can significantly reduce cravings for sweets. Due to this, extra pounds will also not appear.

Experts note that you want to eat sweets when a person is faced with a lack of nutrition. In addition, there are too many various semi-finished products in his diet.

Nutritionist Amy Goodson emphasized that the main condition in order to reduce the amount of sugar consumed is a healthy and most satisfying breakfast. The ideal option would be an omelet with vegetables, whole grain toast, or oatmeal with some nuts and fruit.

Goodson recommends snacking throughout the day on foods that are high in protein and fiber. The nutritionist believes that the best foods of this type are fruits, cheese, yogurt with berries, beef jerky, peanut butter toast, and others.

Snacks play a very important role, because if the feeling of hunger is too strong, then in this case the blood sugar level will begin to fall and there will be a desire to eat sweets.

If you cannot eliminate cravings for sweets even after a hearty meal, then in this case you can add a few prunes to the diet. The nutritionist notes that sugar can cause an increase in the level of serotonin in the blood.

In this regard, it is necessary to find safe alternative methods that will maintain the desired level of this hormone. Physical activity, a walk in sunny weather in the fresh air can help with this.

In turn, nutritionist Lauren Manaker recommends paying special attention to the quantity and quality of sleep, because fatigue and constant lack of sleep can also provoke cravings for sweets. She notes that sleep costs an average of 7-8 hours a day.

Sometimes sweets may be desirable if there is not enough magnesium in the body. To avoid such a situation, nuts, avocados and other products, which contain a lot of this substance, must be present in the diet. If necessary, you should use special additives.


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