Nutritionists talk about the benefits of oatmeal for the heart

(ORDO NEWS) — How do you envision the perfect breakfast? Nutritionist Amy Goodson recommends oatmeal for breakfast. Cook as you like: with milk, water, honey and yogurt … there are a lot of recipes, everyone will find their favorite option. Oatmeal is a light and healthy breakfast.

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Eating oatmeal will help keep your heart healthy. This cereal contains a lot of soluble fiber. Fiber lowers total cholesterol levels. This is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

To get the most out of your breakfast, eat unflavored porridge. There are a lot of unhealthy sugars in these cereals. It is easy to gain weight with such a breakfast. In this case, the condition of the skin will worsen.

You can buy it at any supermarket. Soluble fiber also helps control blood sugar levels. It slows down the absorption of glucose. This is an excellent prevention of type II diabetes.

Oatmeal is rich in magnesium and potassium, which are very good for the heart. Potassium is good for high blood pressure. Magnesium ensures uninterrupted work of the heart, keeps blood vessels in good shape. This breakfast is good for any age. Therefore, nutritionists recommend teaching children to oatmeal.


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