Nutritionists named foods that men should not eat after 40

(ORDO NEWS) — It’s no secret that with age, all processes in the body slow down. Men, in order to stay healthy, strong and young as long as possible at the age of 40+, need to be more careful about their diet. Nutritionists have compiled a list of foods that are best avoided or replaced with healthier foods.

Reported by Eat This, Not That.

Margarine was in the first place in the list of unhealthy foods. It contains a large amount of trans fats and propylene glycol. These substances contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. It is better to replace margarine with butter or any cold-pressed vegetable oil. Also in the rating of antiproducts were:

  • artificial sweeteners turned out to be much more dangerous than regular sugar;
  • carbonated drinks are full of toxic substances, 4-MEI, dangerous colors and preservatives;
  • food coloring, because they contain dangerous carcinogens;
  • alcohol – it is always harmful, at any age in any form and quantity;
  • fruit juices contribute to weight gain;
  • butter rolls – provokes the appearance of wrinkles;
  • meat – especially what is cooked on coals;
  • low-fat foods, especially dairy products. 

In principle, you can eat anything, nutritionists and doctors say. But if you want to stay young and full of energy, eat only healthy foods.


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