Now without timecodes: YouTube videos have chapters

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — YouTube bloggers have the opportunity to create chapter navigation. By breaking the video into semantic blocks, the authors will allow viewers to immediately proceed to view the fragment of interest, without trying to guess it, manually rewinding the timeline.

Previously, in order to guide the user, bloggers had to leave timecodes in the description – timestamps.

However, the new bookmarking system is much more convenient: by small gaps in the scrollbar, you can immediately determine where one chapter ends and the next begins. And moving the cursor or finger to the scale, you can find out what the reproduced section is dedicated to. Here’s what it looks like:

In turn, the creators of the video will have to pre-make the markup, choose a title and description for each passage. Later, YouTube algorithms may learn to do this automatically.

In addition, at least three tags should be put on the chapter video, and each fragment should last at least 10 seconds, notes The Verge. The new feature will be available starting this week in mobile applications and the web version of YouTube.


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