Not at all light: How much clouds actually weigh

(ORDO NEWS) — Clouds seem to be something light. However, this is a misleading feeling.

Clouds are made up primarily of gases and millions of tiny water droplets that form when water condenses around a “seed” particle.

There are several ways to measure the weight of a cloud. It is necessary to weigh the water vapor of which they are composed. You also need to know how tightly packed the droplets are.

For several years, one of the researchers first measured the size of the cloud shadow and estimated its height.

Then, based on previous research, she estimated the density of the water droplets. There were about 550 tons of water. This is approximately the weight of 100 elephants.

Of course, different types of clouds have different weights. For example, cirrus clouds are much lighter because they have much less water per unit volume. And cumulonimbus clouds tend to be much heavier.


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