Nostradamus wrote about the possible end of the world, which will last 11 years

(ORDO NEWS) — Nostradamus wrote about the possible end of the world, which will happen in the 21st century and take 11 years.

The soothsayer of the 16th century described his visions in the form of poetic quatrains. Specific dates, future events, names unknown during his life cannot be found in them: only hints and symbols that can be interpreted with a greater or lesser degree of accuracy.

Nostradamus predicted a lot of suffering and cataclysms. He wrote about climate change, more frequent volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and other natural phenomena that will torment humanity.

In his quatrains one can find indications of the rapid movement of the continents and even the end of the world. According to, this should happen in 2055-2066.

During these eleven years, all of humanity will have to go through many trials, which will subsequently help people become wiser and more experienced.

Well, since people will survive this disaster, then this is not the real end of the world. In general, Nostradamus foresaw the future until the middle of the fourth millennium.

Recall that earlier we talked about Vanga’s prediction , which speaks of a dragon spewing flames.


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