Nostradamus saw the future of Russia and the whole world

(ORDO NEWS) — Numerous prophecies of the great French seer Michel Nostradamus appear on the Web every now and then , including those about the future of Crimea. Many astrologers believe that the medieval oracle was really able to see and describe in detail the whole difficult fate of the peninsula. To what extent this hypothesis corresponds to the truth, ForPost tried to find out.

Michele Nostradamus is remembered every winter on December 14th. It was on this day in 1503 in the south of France in the town of Saint-Remy that he was born. An outstanding mathematician, astrologer, physician, alchemist and physician-in-chief of Charles IX, what he did not predict, if you believe modern interpreters: and that the Third World War will begin soon, and how the most powerful earthquakes will shake the planet with their destructive force…

Considering the global significance of the events of 2014, not only for the Crimean peninsula, but also for the whole world, it is not surprising that many people prone to hoaxes went to study the works of the great predictor in order to find out first how this story will continue. But did they find anything?

All prophets have one problem

All prophecies about the modern history of Crimea are simply attributed to Michel Nostradamus, the rector of the Russian astrological school Mikhail Borodachev is sure .

According to the specialist, in the quatrains of Nostradamus it is easy to find lines that can be shifted to any peninsula of the planet. The fact is that the Provencal prophet was not specific: he had many vague, allegorical sayings. There are only descriptions of the so-called matrix events, which, if you try, can be attributed to the Crimea, the astrologer explained in an interview with ForPost.

“Among thousands of quatrains it is simply impossible to single out something specific and transfer it to the Crimean peninsula. For example, interpreters often mention “hister”, unleashing a war. Some experts are inclined to believe that it was about Hitler. All the rest of the prophecies concerned the time period in which Nostradamus lived, ”our interlocutor emphasized.

What appeared to Nostradamus in visions, he could only interpret within the framework of his time, and since the soothsayer saw prophecies in pictures, he could not always attribute them to a certain date. So, according to Borodachev, many people recognize the USSR in the texts of Nostradamus in the image of Tartaria – the state “with a special way”.

“He really had a gift. Nostradamus had access to the astral field. He saw the picture, but did not know where to attach it, for how long, which country, which city. This is a common problem for the prophets, ”the astrologer summed up.

Another thing is the Bulgarian fortuneteller Vanga, who was distinguished by her love for Russia, and she lived in a completely different era. Therefore, Vanga’s picture from the future regarding the Crimea was more “clear”, the astrologer added.

“For Russia, global (positive) changes will begin from the peninsula, which will affect not only the inhabitants of the country, but also the whole world community. This is what the great seer used to say about Crimea, ”summed up the rector of the Russian astrological school.

As ForPost reported, in the United States, a priest and his team have to work tirelessly to defeat the demons. The exorcist complained to reporters that he had more work when otherworldly forces mastered modern technologies and began to send him SMS on a regular basis.


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