Nostradamus predictions for 2023 published on the Web

(ORDO NEWS) — The medieval astrologer and alchemist Michel de Notredam in his notes made many predictions about the future, and the distant one at that. Many of them have already come true.

Nostradamus made his predictions based on astrology. According to his prophecy, next year, in 2023, humanity is threatened by catastrophes, and various ones – both man-made, natural, and military.

As for the natural, the countries of the world are waiting for giant tsunamis, earthquakes, and drought. It is possible that a large meteorite will fall to the ground.

The dry land will become even more withered, and there will be great floods later, predicted Nostradamus.

Europe will be under martial law and it will last for seven months.

Thousands of people will die. And as a result, a new world order will be introduced.


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