North Korean farmers sent to camps because of unopened flowers

(ORDO NEWS) — North Korean farmers are facing a major challenge due to the coronavirus pandemic. There was not enough fuel to heat the greenhouses in which they grew Kim Jong-un’s flowers.

Due to the fact that the temperature was lower than expected, the flowers did not have time to bloom for the birthday of the deceased father of Kim Jong-un.

Just before the birthday of Kim Jong Il, it is customary to decorate all the streets in different cities of North Korea with red begonias of the Kimjongil variety. The holiday is traditionally celebrated by the inhabitants of the country on February 16.

It even received a special name – “The Day of the Shining Star”. This unique variety of begonias was bred back in 1988. This was done by Japanese botanist Kamo Mototeru after he received an order directly from the North Korean authorities. Flowers were supposed to be presented on the birthday of Kim Jong Il as congratulations.

Once again, the authorities ordered a huge number of plants that were supposed to bloom directly on the holiday. The farmers failed in their task because they did not have enough firewood to heat their greenhouses where they grew flowers.

About a month before the holiday, farmers began to warn the authorities that they did not have enough firewood to maintain the required temperature.

That is why, most likely, the flowers will not be able to bloom in time. The shortage arose as a result of the fact that certain quarantine measures were taken related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the farmers’ warnings, representatives of the district committees did not take care to supply the required amount of firewood for heating the greenhouses.

At the same time, farmers were forced to write explanatory notes, where everything was stated in great detail. Because the flowers failed to bloom in time, the growers were sentenced to six months in labor camps to serve their sentences.


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