North Korea says that Kim Jong-un’s father created shawarma

(ORDO NEWS) — The North Korean media began to talk about the fact that it was Kim Jong Il who created the shawarma. This was announced by one of the local publications “Rodong Sinmun” . In their publication, the journalists also did not forget to recall the special kiosks selling delicious cakes with meat. They also added that in Pyongyang, street food is gradually becoming more popular and in demand among local residents.

The history of street food in North Korea began with Kim Jong Il visiting the new workshop of the Gumson Food Factory. When he entered a special mobile service point, he ordered to immediately distribute warm wheat cakes with delicious filling to people. He also added that it would be great if cold mineral water was sold in kiosks in summer and hot drinks and wheat cakes in winter.

The newspaper, which is now very closely monitored by the North Korean authorities, said that the country’s leader is continuing his father’s work and is trying to make this dish as popular as possible among Koreans. It should be noted that even on television, a video was shown in which people stand in long enough lines to purchase a warm and tasty cake made from wheat flour.

Those North Koreans who left the country for various reasons note that such dishes are extremely rare right on the street. For example, Hyun Sung Lee, who left North Korea 7 years ago, believes that many of his compatriots can only dream of a warm street cake filled with delicious and aromatic meat. In addition, many do not have enough money to buy foreign food. Those who have finances may face the fact that there is simply nowhere to try such food.

Meat in pita bread or wheat cake is called shawarma, or it can be served as a burrito. Shawarma is a very popular Middle Eastern dish in many countries, made from meat that is fried on a spit and then wrapped in pita bread or wheat pita. In turn, burrito is considered a Mexican dish. For its preparation, minced meat is used, placed in a soft cake. Additionally, you can use rice, beans or tomatoes, cheese, avocado.

A new ban has appeared in the DPRK, which is of an unofficial nature. The inhabitants of the country cannot wear leather cloaks. People talk about how the authorities began to repress too much those sellers who have such clothes in their assortment.

Kim Jong-un came to one of the events in 2019 in a leather coat, and since that time, such raincoats have become very popular in the country. They are considered a symbol of power in North Korea. Some time ago, the head of state again chose a similar image for his speech.

Leather cloaks are not just considered a symbol of power. Only representatives of the party elite can afford clothes made of real leather brought from China. Ordinary people are forced to wear cheap leather


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