North Korea says aliens spread COVID in its territory

(ORDO NEWS) — While experts say the risk of coronavirus spreading through contaminated objects is low, a North Korean investigation allegedly found that “aliens” caused the COVID-19 outbreak in April that affected millions of people.

According to a report from the official news agency KCNA, the outbreak that caused 4.7 million “fevers” began after “an 18-year-old soldier, named Kim, and a five-year-old child, named V, made contact with aliens on a hill near the barracks and residential areas in the IFO area in early April,” after which both tested positive for coronavirus.

Aliens in North Korea

A detailed epidemiological analysis allegedly shows that these two cases are related to the entire subsequent outbreak in the country.

At the same time, all cases of “fever” recorded until mid-April “were caused by other diseases.” There was no information in the report about how the officials came to that conclusion.

North Korean officials issued instructions emphasizing “the need to carefully deal with alien beings arriving with wind and other climatic phenomena and balloons in areas along the demarcation line and borders.”

Therefore, experts specializing in the study of the DPRK suggest that the report is only an attempt to shift the blame for the outbreak and create fear and hatred for South Korea, from where activists and North Korean defectors have been sending balloons with postcards, aid and other items across the border for decades.

It should be recalled that the spread of SARS-CoV-2 through contaminated objects and surfaces is possible, but the risk is considered very low.

Some studies have shown that the probability of catching an infection from an infected surface is less than 1 in 10,000. The main route of spread of the virus is airborne.


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