North Korea is deeply concerned about Kim Jong-un’s dramatic weight loss

(ORDO NEWS) — In early June, the world saw the “renewed” Kim Jong-un, who lost a lot of weight. People began to suspect something was wrong, namely, a serious illness in their leader.

It is reported by

The people are heartbroken, many media outlets say. Never before has the General Secretary looked so thin. Their comments, assumptions and concerns were told by ordinary citizens to Korean Central Television, which came to interview.

North Koreans almost cry, because they do not quite understand what to expect. No source has revealed the details of Kim Jong-un’s health, so one has to guess.

Rumors began to spread after the North Korean ruler appeared in public while holding a meeting of the Politburo of the 8th Central Committee of the Labor Party. The audience and everyone in attendance noticed that Kim Jong-un had already tightened the strap on his watch than usual.

Some journalists do not exclude that the change in the ruler’s weight was deliberate. Perhaps he wants to thus increase his influence within the country, improving his image.

Note that from time to time the leader of the DPRK disappears from television screens and does not attend various meetings. The last time this happened, last year, many thought about being infected with the coronavirus. However, the rumors spread quickly died down as soon as Kim Jong-un showed himself again.

Note that in 2012, the weight of the ruler was 90 kg, however, due to a not quite correct lifestyle, he increased to 140 kg. The desire to lose weight in this case is quite natural. How much Kim Jong-un managed to throw off, no one knows.


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