North Korea announced the creation of a vaccine against coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — North Korea has announced the creation of a vaccine against the coronavirus. So far, the country does not know how to start testing on humans, because there is not a single coronavirus patient in the DPRK.

The development was reported by the North Korean portal on the scientific achievements of “Mire”. It is reported that scientists at the Center for Medicine Research of the Institute for Research in Medicine and Biology have developed a recombinant subunit vaccine. It is based on the genetic sequence data of the spike S protein from the membrane of the coronavirus, which binds to the human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), attaching to the cell.

North Korea reported that it has already tested the vaccine on animals: it has shown its effectiveness and safety. Now the country is discussing how to conduct the third phase of clinical trials, implying tests on humans.

Reporters noted that the lack of drugs of this type, such as the one developed in the DPRK, is the need for regular vaccinations.


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