No herd immunity: new danger of COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — All experts expect that with the onset of autumn, the number of cases of coronavirus may increase several times.

Herd immunity can help cope with the coronavirus. This is exactly what doctors around the world thought just a couple of months ago, but at the moment everything has changed and this version has begun to be doubted. A similar statement was made by Igor Brovchenko.

The hope that herd immunity will help fight the coronavirus is gradually disappearing. Until a certain process of sick people is recruited, there will be absolutely no guarantees that they will have at least some kind of immunity.

The doctor of physical and mathematical sciences believes that it is necessary for about 60% of the population to get sick quickly enough. Only in this situation will there be at least some chances of being able to form collective immunity. To date, such figures are still incredibly far away and the number of cases is several times less.

The specialist also added that hot summer weather and ultraviolet radiation could not cope with the coronavirus, as many scientists assumed. It is these factors that many have called a natural “antiviral agent”.

Doctor Olga Golubovskaya said that in the fall, the increase in incidence can jump sharply due to the fact that coronavirus is a completely different pathogen and no one has been able to establish its exact origin until today. In the fall, other seasonal diseases can be added to it. The doctor added that the coronavirus will still be able to win in the end, but not earlier than March next year. Until that time, everything possible will have to be done to ensure that the infected are treated correctly and effectively.


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