Nissan has created a useless robot that delivers bowls of ramen

(ORDO NEWS) — The “useless inventions” column is opened by Nissan with its robot that can bring a bowl of ramen without spilling a drop.

This Nissan car accelerates very quickly and brakes hard with a bowl full of soup on top. But she doesn’t spill a drop, and that’s the secret.

Ramen is a traditional Asian dish that is adored in Korea and Japan. It is a noodle soup with meat broth (most often pork or chicken), various herbs, vegetables and pieces of meat.

It was ramen that served as the basis for the instant noodles so beloved by many Russians. But for the Japanese and Koreans, this soup, like borscht for us, is part of the country’s culture, strongly associated with it.

That is why the Japanese even decided to come up with a robot that would bring a full bowl of ramen (usually their volume is about 500 ml) without spilling a drop. Yes, we all often spill part of the soup from the bowl and it infuriates, but why is there a robot and how does it even work?

What is Nissan e-4ORCE Ramen Counter

Nissan recently announced the development of an electric crossover called the Nissan Ariya. In addition to the usual features of such vehicles, Nissan announced that it has added new technology to control the car’s suspension, claiming it offers customers unprecedented comfort.

The new technology came in the form of two small engines mounted under the bottom of the car – one near the front wheels, the other near the rear.

Each of them receives information about driving conditions, and then reacts to them, compensating for actions that create discomfort for passengers.

This means that drivers and their passengers will experience less pressure when the car accelerates and will not fly forward when braking hard. It also means less rattling when driving over uneven pavement or potholes.

Well, e-4ORCE’s little ramen deliverer uses the same technology as the upcoming Ariya and serves as a demonstrator that this method of compensating the effects works.

Even at high speeds, with sharp acceleration and braking, not a drop of ramen spills from a full bowl – this is a success!


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