Nikola Tesla’s once stolen documents will be made public

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Information appeared on the Internet that in the coming 2020, the FBI of the United States of America intended to declassify and make public the documents that had been seized by the staff of this service from Nikola Tesla after the death of this greatest scientist of the 20th century.

However, the video clip (see below) dedicated to this event does not cause much enthusiasm either by the author or the commentators of this material. Almost all Internet users are unanimous in their opinion that the FBI will release for free access only a small part of the documents stolen from Tesla.

Such statements are based on the fact that the Serbian (by origin) scientist is so ahead of his time that his discoveries can still pose a danger to the world or demonstrate that the Americans simply stole some of his inventions, for example, the Internet.

To clarify, Nikola Tesla himself was well aware of the untimeliness of many of his discoveries, which is why he simply destroyed the most important documents concerning them, sensing his imminent demise. By the way, he was not only a scientist, but also a great esotericist, able to look into the future, use information from the universal treasury of knowledge, and so on.

That is why this great man (he is even called the mystical genius of the last century) still seems unattainable for science, and his discoveries are so dangerous and at the same time so longed for by many …


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