Nightmares may be signs of an incurable disease

(ORDO NEWS) — Another study of experts has shown that if older men begin to have nightmares too often, then this may signal the initial stage of the development of Parkinson’s disease.

Doctors have long been convinced that the occurrence of nightmares is directly related to neurological problems. The latest study has shown that there is a link between Parkinson’s disease and regular nightmares.

The study was conducted over 12 years. All this time, 3818 elderly men were monitored. The experts were able to establish that those men who most often have nightmares at night are twice as likely to experience the onset of Parkinson’s. Most of the participants in the experiment were diagnosed in the first five years.

Experts told another interesting point. You can understand what the risk of developing a deviation is just by asking what exactly a person sees in his dreams. After some time, doctors were able to stop the occurrence of many other signs of Parkinson’s disease. These include the appearance of tremor, as well as lethargy.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that most often the problem is that Parkinson’s disease cannot be diagnosed in time. As a rule, the presence of pathology is established only at a late stage.

Numerous practice shows that most of all patients seek medical help only after an average of 60-80% of neurons capable of releasing dopamine die. It has also been found that nightmares are evidence that the disease can progress very quickly.

“Timely diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease plays a very important role, but we do not have enough risk indicators. Most of the tests are too expensive or do not show an entirely accurate result,” says Abidemi Otaikou from the University of Birmingham.

For many years now, experts have been trying to establish what connection exists between Parkinson’s disease and terrible dreams.

At the time of making an accurate diagnosis, about a quarter of patients said that they had been constantly having nightmares lately. Attention should be paid to the fact that men suffering from Parkinson’s disease are much more likely to have nightmares than women.


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