Nightmare ‘Moose Cemetery’ discovered at the base of a mountain in Idaho

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(ORDO NEWS) — Idaho Wildlife Conservation officials couldn’t believe their eyes when they stumbled upon a huge “moose graveyard” containing the remains of at least 15 unfortunate animals huddled at the base of a mountain.

The gruesome find is reportedly the result of a program by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife that is equipping various species of wildlife with GPS radio collars to better understand their survival in the wild.

When one of these animals dies, employees receive a “death” alert and go to the animal’s location to find out what happened. In this particular case, they found something truly nightmarish.

Earlier this year, they received a “death” signal from the collar of a moose they were monitoring in the vast Craig Mountain Preserve, the department said.

When workers arrived at the scene to investigate what could have caused the animal’s death, they were stunned to see a horrific collection of broken bones that once belonged to at least 15 moose.

Scattered among the dead animals were “boulders and rubble the size of a beach ball,” leading wildlife officials to believe they were killed by a massive landslide that swept over them in a wave of snow and rocks, killing them.


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