Next week, a new winter storm will cover the US every 2 days

(ORDO NEWS) — Meteorologists warn that some of the worst winter weather conditions in decades will continue to bombard much of the US with multiple strikes into the next week.

Several weather systems are lining up with the likelihood of bringing more snow and ice to the Midwest and Northeast by the end of next week.

Winter storm every 2-3 days

Winter storms can occur every two to three days due to turbulent conditions, due in part to the strong curvature of the jet stream.

A river of cold, generated by strong winds, swept south over the central United States and then in recent days rose along the Atlantic coast, paving the way for storms.

This active storm trail will be fueled by the collision of arctic air sweeping through the center of the country and softer air holding its positions in the southeast.

The two systems will face off during the next storm later this week this weekend, including Valentine’s Day in the northeast.

One storm has already swept through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and northern Kansas with light to moderate snow on Friday. This storm and its snow will continue to drift east across the Midwest on Friday nights and Saturday.

Meanwhile, the secondary storm is expected to push north up the east coast this weekend.

Both systems are projected to remain weak on weekends due to the snowy portion of precipitation at the unwanted end of the spectrum, ”said AccuWeather senior meteorologist John Ferik. But even a small amount of snow and a particularly thin layer of ice can create dangerous conditions for movement.

In general, 1-3 inches of snow is expected from eastern Wyoming to lower Michigan Peninsula, but heavier amounts of 3-6 inches will fall in eastern Wyoming, southwest South Dakota and Nebraska, where up to 8 inches is predicted.

“Chicago is another place that can get heavier snow on the order of 3-6 inches from Friday night through Saturday,” said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Courtney Travis.

Around the Great Lakes, there may also be several additional 3-6 inches of snow.

Further east, most of the moisture associated with a storm advancing north along the Atlantic coast may remain in the sea.

Snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches is expected from Saturday to Sunday from portions of northern Virginia to Maine, but as with any storm, patches of slightly heavier snow can form, with the risk that some areas will end up with 3- 6 inches.

“Snow in much of this area can be intermittent, where the speed of the snow changes and even stops for a while,” said senior meteorologist for storm warning Brian Weimer.

Some areas hit by a massive ice storm that cut off electricity could get more ice from that storm again.

Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh and Boston are in an area where frosty or icy mixtures are predicted Saturday through Sunday.

“There is a risk of 0.25-0.50 inches of ice forming in parts of Virginia and West Virginia during the storm this weekend,” said meteorologist Randy Adkins.


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