Newlyweds found a car hanging on a tree in the forest

(ORDO NEWS) — On the social network Reddit, a user with the nickname Folly136 spoke about a strange find that he managed to make during a wedding photo shoot. So, the excellent mood of the couple after the engagement was overshadowed by a car hanging on a tree.

The couple decided to find someone similar to this Chesapeake wedding photographer and have some photographs taken against the backdrop of nature, away from the stone jungle. While the couple with a photographer had been looking for a suitable location, they stumbled upon a rusty car, which was on a high tree.

The thought of the car never left Folly136, so he decided to solve the mystery. By the way, he did it. There was nothing mystical and nightmarish in history. The car was abandoned by a doctor who lives on the west coast of the United States. The car is a kind of signpost how to get to the doctor in an almost abandoned town.

The man had long wanted to hide from civilization, to live away from the hustle and bustle – what he really dreamed of. If someone wants to come to visit, it is very easy to find a doctor with 40 years of experience using a unique index.

The only secret left is how the man managed to lift the car on the branches of the trees. The doctor does not disclose the details, he only said that the family helped to bring the plan to life.


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