Newly formed volcanic region discovered on Venus

(ORDO NEWS) — On Venus, planetary scientists managed to record traces of volcanic activity, which was present relatively recently on the planet. They set about exploring the Imd region, where the huge Idunn volcano is located.

It is reported by Solar System Research.

The Imd region is located in the southern part of Venus at a short distance from the equator. Observing the planet directly is not possible, because its atmosphere is filled with very thick clouds. To study the surface, specialists use special radar devices, as well as a modern method of spectroscopy.

This young volcanic region is home to Idunn Volcano, and the Sanddel Crater has also been discovered. On the eastern slope of the volcano and at its summit, scientists have noticed some anomalous phenomena. They speculated that deposits that contain a lot of iron might be the cause. These layers appeared quite recently, because erosion has not yet had time to destroy them.

Planetologists believe that these deposits are lava flows. Their age can range from 2.5 million to 250 thousand years. A crack was recorded directly in the crater itself, which indicates that some time ago volcanic activity was present in this area.

More detailed studies have shown at all that the age of the deposits may not exceed 10 thousand years. The new discovery completely changes the idea of ​​how volcanic activity occurs on a planet like Venus.


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