Newly discovered “mini” black hole is one of the smallest ever found

(ORDO NEWS) — Since they don’t emit anything that we can detect, there are many things about black holes that we just don’t know.

Among the most mysterious are supermassive black holes , the mass of which is millions and billions of times greater than the mass of our Sun.

As black holes form from the cores of massive dead individual stars, how do supermassive black holes get so huge? A new discovery can help us find answers to such sought-after questions.

In a tiny dwarf galaxy 110 million light-years away, astronomers have just discovered one of the smallest supermassive black holes ever seen.

The mass of the “monster” in the heart of the galaxy Mrk 462 is only 200,000 times the mass of the Sun.

Her discovery suggests that supermassive black holes – at least some of them – are growing out of stellar masses less than 100 times the mass of the Sun, rather than becoming larger and larger.


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