Newest space telescope named after sci-fi planet

(ORDO NEWS) — The European Space Agency (ESA) is building a new small telescope that will operate in Earth orbit and is designed to search for dark matter.

It was named Arrakhis after the planet in Frank Herbert’s Dune fantasy series.

Let me remind you that on the fantastic Arrakis or Dune, according to Herbert’s books, a substance called “spice” or “spice” was mined, which, among other things, allowed guild navigators to obtain a unique ability to predict the future and successfully calculate the course for piloting spaceships during fast interstellar flights (they actually moved at the speed of light).

It is possible that by naming the new telescope Arrakis, ESA representatives meant that the scientific instrument would “hunt” for the almost elusive substance dark matter.

That is, that part of the mass of the Universe, which does not manifest itself in any way, except for the gravitational interaction. If we find it, it could change a lot in our understanding of the universe.

The expedition of the future telescope is characterized as fast, which means that less than 10 years are allotted for the creation of the apparatus and preparation for launch. The launch of the Arrakis telescope is scheduled for the early 2030s.


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