New Zealanders scared of a blue spiral in the night sky

(ORDO NEWS) — On June 19, space explorers in New Zealand were extremely surprised by a strange spiral phenomenon. It was quite bright and glowed blue in the night sky.

In social networks, users immediately began to express their opinion about what it was. Some wrote that it could be a UFO, while others an inexplicable phenomenon. In fact, everything turned out to be much simpler.

Quite a lot of people saw a mysterious spiral over New Zealand, which greatly puzzled. A huge number of photos immediately appeared on the Internet with numerous comments on them. Various theories have been put forward as to what it is.

Alasdair Burns said that a friend called him and told him to immediately go out into the yard and look at the night sky.

When he left the house, he clearly saw a spiral object that glowed blue. He noted that the object very much resembled a huge spiral galaxy. She was not only in the sky, but also continued to move.

On the net, people were talking about UFOs, as well as the fact that a black hole had already begun to form in Earth‘s orbit.

In turn, Richard Easter from the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, said that it is very easy to explain the mysterious phenomenon. Such objects in the form of a spiral appear when a satellite is launched into orbit with the help of a rocket.

The reason for the spiral “galaxy” could presumably be the Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX. On June 19, with its help, a communications satellite belonging to Globalstar was launched into Earth orbit. The unusual phenomenon impressed many people, because they had never seen anything like it before.


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