New version of the origin of the omicron strain has been put forward

(ORDO NEWS) — The specialist, who was the first to fix the omicron, offered another version as to where the new strain of coronavirus came from. Sikhulile Moyo, who is director of Botswana’s Harvard HIV Reference Laboratory, believes the virus could have passed to humans directly from an animal.

Moyo emphasized that to date, no evidence has been found that the development of the omicron occurred in a person with a weak immune system. He believes that there is another hypothesis, which says that the coronavirus passed from person to animal, mutated in his body and then returned back, beginning to actively spread among people.

The scientist is very worried that the omicron mutates too quickly. He stressed the fact that viruses are not capable of accumulating mutations, so it is impossible to say exactly when a new strain appeared. This is also a reason to think about the infectiousness of this type of coronavirus.

Moyo revealed that he initially thought the omicron would be too weak due to too many mutations. Despite this, the virus reproduces very quickly. It is also able to bypass partially the protection of the immune system, which means that the risk of re-infection increases.

Sikhulile Moyo was the first to discover the omicron coronavirus strain. He examined a sample of the virus taken from foreign diplomats who visited Botswana. After some time, the strain was recorded on the territory of South Africa, from where it quickly began to spread throughout the world. To date, cases of infection have been identified in 27 countries.

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And also recall that a hypothesis has been put forward for the origin of a new strain of coronavirus.


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