New type of tropical cyclone discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Australia have identified a new type of cyclone Setio in the Indian Ocean. It occurs several times a year off the coast of Sumatra.

Oceanographers from Flinders University (Australia) analyzed satellite data on surface winds in the southeastern tropical Indian Ocean.

And they discovered an interesting but short-lived phenomenon – unusual cyclical storms that arise in winter and continue in the spring.

They are “born” at the moment when the western equatorial winds meet with the northwestern winds blowing along the western coast of Sumatra.

The cyclone was named SETIO, short for South-East Tropical Indian Ocean. The team of researchers presented their findings in the Journal of Southern Hemisphere Earth Systems Science.

The temperature difference between the tropical western and eastern zones of the Indian Ocean’s surface is known as its dipole.

This phenomenon affects the climate of Australia and other countries surrounding the Indian Ocean basin.

The dipole is one of the most significant and at the same time the least understood natural phenomena that affect the climate of Australia.

The discovery of cyclone SETIO, according to the authors of the article, will help to better understand and study its nature.

Researchers believe that the detected cyclone helps to keep the surface of the Indian Ocean warm off the coast of the mainland.

So, scientists have learned that in some years SETIO does not develop: then the surrounding winds cause cooling of sea water in a vast area of ​​the Indian Ocean.

This, in turn, affects the change in precipitation and wind regime.

As a result, studying SETIO, according to oceanographers, will help improve local climate models and give a more accurate forecast of the consequences of global warming.


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