New supercontinent will appear on Earth: when and how it will happen

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have looked into the distant future, turning over 200 million years of planetary evolution. According to various models, the Earth will undergo dramatic changes.

The emergence of a supercontinent and climate change in all territories is expected.

The findings were presented on December 8 by the American Geophysical Union. Experts have analyzed several scenarios. The first says that in two hundred million years all continents will be moved to the Northern Hemisphere. Only Antarctica will remain in the South.

According to the second option, in 200-250 million years a supercontinent will appear in the equatorial region, it will cover two hemispheres.

If the territories move north and there are mainly mountains, then the average temperatures will drop significantly. Perhaps a new ice age will come, which will drag on for a hundred million years.

In the past, there was already a supercontinent called Pangea, which eventually split into Africa, North and South America, and Eurasia. If we analyze an even earlier period, then there was the supercontinent Rodinia. It disintegrated about 750 million years ago.


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