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New study claims wormhole travel is possible

New study claims wormhole travel is possible 1

(ORDO NEWS) — Wormholes (wormholes) are a fascinating concept in astrophysics, suggesting the existence of spatial tunnels that connect two different points in spacetime – usually black holes – together.

These wormholes could allow a person to fly into one black hole and appear in a completely different galaxy, in a completely different part of the universe.

Unfortunately, most of the leading hypotheses regarding wormholes assume that instability causes them to collapse almost immediately after they appear. However, a new theory , slated to be published in the International Journal of Modern Physics D, argues that in fact, wormholes can remain stable enough for objects to enter from one side and exit from the other.

Traversable wormholes

The theory , developed by computer scientist Pascal Coyran of the University of Lyon, France, relies on the Eddington-Finkelstein metric to describe the movement of objects in and around a wormhole.

This metric differs from the more commonly used Schwarzschild metric, which ceases to function when an object reaches the event horizon, that is, the point where the black hole’s gravitational pull becomes so great that no object is able to return.

However, using the Eddington-Finkelstein metric, Coyran was able to mathematically simulate an object’s path into a black hole and travel through a wormhole instead of being destroyed by the black hole’s tidal forces.

Of course, this does not mean that jumping into any ancient black hole will send you to another corner of the universe. Nonetheless, Coyran’s theory shows that wormholes can be stable.


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