New rare symptom of coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — One of the symptoms of coronavirus infection can be redness in the eyes of a person. This was stated by a specialist at Yale University (US) Vincent Diaz, writes Daily Mirror on Saturday, April 18.

A new symptom is unusual and rare. According to a specialist, the virus can affect the surface of the eye in a small percentage of people. Diaz recommended seeking medical attention if a person also has other symptoms of coronavirus, such as symptoms of a respiratory illness or fever.

It is noted that this phenomenon may be a sign of ordinary conjunctivitis, which is caused by allergies.

Earlier, an immunologist from France, Professor Jean-Laurent Casanova, spoke about the possible causes of severe coronavirus in young people without chronic diseases. According to him, such cases are rare and can be explained by the genetic predisposition of patients.

According to Worldometer data , on April 18, more than 2.2 million cases of coronavirus were recorded in the world, over 156 thousand patients died.


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