New optical illusion blew up the web: what is shown in the photo?

(ORDO NEWS) — Optical illusions have been popular among Internet users for a long time and from time to time new photos appear, which cause heated debates.

Scientists have repeatedly said that the difference in the perception of the picture arises from the fact that the left and right hemispheres of the brain in different people have an unequal indicator of activity.

Recently, a new optical illusion has appeared on the Internet, which has baffled all users. A figure can be seen against the backdrop of a beautiful winter landscape.

At first it seems that this is a man with a backpack who is climbing a mountain along a path. Some users say that he is wearing fur clothes and has tousled hair.

Other users see a running black dog with a very happy face. The role of the muzzle is performed by the backpack that some of the users see.

Some users were able to look at the dog after a few attempts after a person with a backpack, and some did not succeed. What is actually depicted in the photograph remains a mystery and heated debates about this continue.


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