New NASA study Venus has never looked like Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of scientists from NASA‘s Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), led by Frank Wroblewski, used radar data to study the mineralogical composition of lava flows observed on the surface of our neighbor, Venus.

When the turn came to the Ovda Fluctus stream, which is on the high-mountainous plateau Ovda Region, the researchers were surprised that it consists mainly of basalt. This information indirectly indicates that Venus has never looked like Earth!

If the high-mountain lava flow Ovda Fluktus consisted mainly of granite, then water would be needed for its appearance, a lot of water. We learned about this by studying our home planet, where it is possible to trace in detail the history of similar processes.

The presence of high mountains and the special chemical composition of the Venusian atmosphere gave rise to hypotheses that several billion years ago the deep World Ocean was present on the surface of this planet, there was a very mild climate and, probably, even life existed.

The new study, backed up by a large amount of verifiable data, has generated serious resonance in the scientific community. Discussions on this topic are gaining momentum, and India has planned to send the Shukrayaan-1 spacecraft into orbit of Venus in 2023.


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