New Moon in February 2023: What you can and can’t do

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(ORDO NEWS) — The new moon is often associated with purification, the beginning of life with a clean slate, liberation from the past.

During this period, it is recommended to form new habits and abandon harmful ones.

Our whole life, whether we like it or not, is connected with the cycles of the moon, and if you know how to behave, you can change your fate for the better.

In February, the moon will enter a young phase on the 20th and last until March 6. Earth‘s satellite will ascend in the sign of Pisces. Pisces, whose element is water, are by nature sentimental and sensitive.

During this period, their empathy can only increase. Therefore, they may complain of mood swings due to trifles, vulnerability and apathy. Representatives of other signs may become softer.

What can be done in the new moon

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to start something new on a new moon. You can start going to the gym, to yoga, sign up for foreign language courses, etc. You can also do the following during this period:

  • Do quiet work
  • Conduct general cleaning
  • Throw away the old junk
  • Pay off debts
  • To make a wish

But if you want to buy something new, it is better to abandon such an idea for now. It is also better to refrain from alcohol and strict diets. Try to think less about the bad and trust your intuition more.

How to make a wish correctly

Astrologers say that you need to make a wish on the new moon. At the time of the new moon, this should be done on February 20 at 09:06 am. At the same time, you cannot wish evil on anyone.

You can already sit down and think carefully about what you really want. The desire should be sincere, cherished, carry goodness and love. Focus on the good, visualize it and think positively.

Then it will definitely come true.


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