New Mavic 3 drone from DJI : 5K high-speed camera and 46 minutes on a single charge

(ORDO NEWS) — The well-known Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has introduced a new model Mavic 3. We tell you why it is remarkable.

The new model is simpler and cheaper than the classic Mavic 3, but it is still a very powerful and professional drone capable of shooting 5K video.

Last year, DJI partnered with Hasselblad to create a dual camera drone capable of capturing 5K video.

Now the company has unveiled the Mavic 3 Classic drone, which boasts almost the same feature set as the original but at a more affordable price.

Mavic 3 Classic

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic features the same 20MP Hasselblad 4/3 CMOS camera module as the original Mavic 3, but lacks the additional 12MP telephoto lens.

In addition to being able to take 12-bit RAW photos, the Classic can shoot 5K (5120 x 2700) video at up to 50fps and bit rates up to 200Mbps.

The frame rate in Cinematic and UHD 4K is up to 120, while Full HD can be recorded at 200 fps.

New Mavic 3 drone from DJI 5K high speed camera and 46 minutes on a single charge 2

The camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal and equipped with an F2.8 lens equivalent to 24mm. Hasselblad’s Natural Color Solution technology promises “vivid yet natural” color reproduction for both stills and video.

The standard light sensitivity is ISO100-6400, while the new video night mode supports the ISO800-12800 range.

The drone can stay in the air for up to 46 minutes on a single charge, uses multiple visual sensors to detect and avoid omnidirectional obstacles, and has AirSense ADS-B to warn the pilot when an aircraft is approaching. There is 8 GB of internal memory plus an SD card.

In addition to automatic object tracking, the drone has a new cruise control feature that allows pilots to minimize camera shake caused by manual speed control, which promises to significantly improve image quality.

Once back on the ground, the drone can wirelessly stream captured content directly to a smartphone via Wi-Fi 6 without the need to connect to a remote control.


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