New Lexus electric car was equipped with a steering wheel like on an airplane

(ORDO NEWS) — The RZ 450e electric car was introduced last year. One of its unique RZ features is an optional control system that Lexus calls a “game changer”.

This is not the first vehicle to feature U-shaped steering. Tesla tried a similar steering a couple of years ago and then offered to upgrade the traditional steering wheel for those who didn’t like it.

Lexus is not going down this path for another reason: the steering systems are completely different.

The wired RZ option isn’t just a modified steering wheel like Tesla did.

There is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering rack with a control-by-wire setup, as there would be in a car with a traditional steering system.

Instead, the information is transmitted electronically (“by wire”). The traditional steering wheel can be rotated fully 720 degrees, while the wired controller only rotates 150 degrees in any direction.

Lexus representatives advise to drive slowly the first time to get used to the difference in traffic. Those who have already tried the new steering wheel have noticed that it is very intuitive and easy to adapt to.

The RZ is designed so that the steering ratio adjusts based on the speed you’re riding, making it feel more responsive at low speeds and stable at higher speeds.


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