New hypothesis about the golden mask of Tutankhamun is put forward

(ORDO NEWS) — Joan Fletcher, who is a famous Egyptologist from Great Britain, put forward a completely new hypothesis regarding the golden mask of Tutankhamun. This mask was discovered 100 years ago by Howard Carter.

The weight of the find exceeds 10 kilograms, and the height is 54 cm. Two different gold alloys were used to make the mask.

On the back of the product there is a special spell that helps to go to another world. This is reported by Al Monitor.

Fletcher suggested that this gold mask was originally made for a completely different person. Most likely, it was made for Nefertiti.

This hypothesis is explained by the fact that the ears are pierced on the mask, and Tutankhamun actually did not have a single puncture on his body.

The expert believes that then the face of Tutankhamun was only transferred to the mask, because there are traces of adhesion, and different gold was also used.

Other Egyptologists have begun to argue with this hypothesis.

For example, Zahi Hawass began to argue that the presence of pierced ears can in no way indicate that the mask was created for another ruler. Paranas from the 18th dynasty often wore earrings when they occupied the throne.

Controversy over this unique mask has existed for a long time. Some experts believe that it was made for the daughter of Akhenaten named Meritaton.

The reason for this assumption is that some of the artifacts that were found in the tomb during excavations did not really belong to Tutankhamun.


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