New generation energy clusters: what energy sources will replace conventional power plants

(ORDO NEWS) — The laboratory of low temperatures and strong magnetic fields created at the Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies (LaPlasse) will become a place for the development of new devices for generating, storing and transmitting electricity.

It is assumed that the study of the properties of superconducting and ferromagnetic materials in the presence of strong magnetic fields will make it possible to create energy-saving induction storage devices, unique superconducting cables, electric motors and generators.

The advantage of the new devices will be the ability to charge them from the traditional network at any time of the day or night at a favorable rate, as well as from various types of alternative energy sources – solar panels, windmills.

The most effective new energy-saving equipment will be used in the processes of resource generation and distribution.

It will allow maintaining a stable supply of electricity to users during peak daily and hourly loads on distribution networks, replacing diesel generators in remote and hard-to-reach regions of the country, and will be used as an emergency power source.

More powerful superconducting energy clusters can even replace pumped storage power plants (PSPPs), as they are cheaper to manufacture and, due to their mobility, are universal in operation.

New generation energy clusters what energy sources will replace conventional power plants 2

In addition to creating superconducting equipment, the laboratory will train engineers and specialists who can work with innovative devices and engage in further research.


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