New evidence found for possible life beyond Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Is there life beyond Earth? This question has been haunted by scientists for a long time. Now experts believe that living organisms can live and develop in peace on one of Jupiter’s moons. In the near future, the researchers plan to study the satellite in more detail using modern technologies.

This is reported by Express.

Europa (as the satellite is called) has always had liquid. The fact is that the heat from active volcanoes can support the vital activity of organisms. Gas giant Jupiter provokes warming. And these are the optimal conditions for the existence of microorganisms.

When an icy moon orbits a planet, its gravitational pull is enough to release enough kinetic energy. It is this energy that theoretically can warm up a satellite so that life forms exist on it.

Europa has an underground ocean. Perhaps this is the only cosmic body outside the Earth, where there is a long-lived source of energy and heat, as well as water bodies. There are optimal conditions for the origin of life. Therefore, this satellite is of interest to many researchers.


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