New effective drugs for coronavirus discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have found another group of drugs that can be used to combat severe manifestations of coronavirus. Experts noted that they will work best in cases where concomitant diseases are present. In this case, we are talking about drugs such as statins. They are used to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Reported by the UC San Diego News Center.

These drugs have a very good anti-inflammatory effect. Scientists have repeatedly studied how the agent works against coronavirus. Statins are capable of destroying the ACE2 receptor, through which the virus enters the cells of the human body.

The study of the effects of statins was carried out by specialists from San Diego. The study was divided into several stages. At the first stage, 170 patients were recruited who confirmed the coronavirus. The study showed that patients who took statins before the disease were 50% less likely to develop serious complications.

The second phase attracted over 10,000 volunteers who had previously suffered a severe coronavirus. In patients who had hypertension or problems with the cardiovascular system, the risk of death was approximately 32% lower.


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