New dinosaur species discovered in eastern China

(ORDO NEWS) — In China, paleontologists have discovered the fossils of new dinosaur species. The find was made in the city of Zhucheng, Shandong province, located in the east of the country, Xinhua reports.

According to scientists, the fossils are the right ilium, like ankylosaurus. The new species was named “zhucheng ensis syn ankylosaurus”.

The discovery of new dinosaur species is evidence of the diversity of dinosaur-era fauna in Zhucheng, Zhucheng Dinosaur Research Center spokesman Zhang Yanxia said.

Zhucheng has the largest number of dinosaur fossils in the world. The total discovered area of ​​the burial of bones is 1600 square kilometers. Chinese scientists discovered the first dinosaur bones in Zhucheng in the middle of the last century, since then more than 10 species of dinosaurs have been found here.


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