New details discovered leading to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

(ORDO NEWS) — Marine biologist diver Mike Barnett and his team managed to locate the wreckage of a WWII aircraft. Presumably, this could be one of the missing boards of Flight 19.

This is an incident in which five US military aircraft, known as Flight 19, flew into the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared from radar screens.

“At first, we saw only a pile of twisted metal on the seabed. It could have been anything – for example, debris left over from a sunken ship,” the scientist explained.

His words were published on the YouTube-page of the History TV channel, which produces a documentary about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Divers also found a propeller near the wreck, Barnett said. Further study of the crash site helped to determine that the metal parts belonged to a combat aircraft of the 40s of the last century.

The material published on the History channel does not specify whether the scientists actually managed to find one of the missing Flight 19 aircraft. However, new details, as the authors of the program emphasize, may lead to a clue to the disaster that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.

In December 1945, five USS Avenger torpedo bombers flew from an air base in Florida during a training flight under the command of Lieutenant Charles Taylor and disappeared without a trace.

Several hours later, communication with the search and rescue aircraft sent to the aid of the Avengers was lost. The pilots are believed to have disappeared in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. The details of the tragic death of 27 men remain unknown even after 75 years.


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