New deadly virus spreads in China

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese doctors are talking about a new disease called SFTS, which has lethal consequences. According to preliminary data, the disease is transmitted only through insect bites.

In 2020, 60 patients were hospitalized, of which seven people died. Virologist Sheng Jifang said different routes of infection with SFTS should not be ruled out. Perhaps the disease between people can be actively transmitted through blood or pus.

Of all those infected, 60% were registered in Jiangsu province, which is located in the east of the Middle Kingdom. There are also cases in the nearby regions of Anhui and Zhejiang.

The virus provokes an increase in temperature, a cough, a decrease in the concentration of leukocytes in the lymph and the formation of platelets. As a result, a person may die from vascular blockage.

According to the comments of experts, the virus was discovered 9 years ago, attributed to the Bunyavirus family.

These viruses are dangerous to arthropods, vertebrates and plants. So far, there is very little information about SFTS, so doctors don’t know how to effectively deal with it. Experts hope the new disease will not trigger a new pandemic. All that is required of people is to observe the rules of hygiene, as well as carefully prepare for camping trips (choose clothes that cover the body).


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